Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peles Castle Tour

In a long overdue follow up to the Bran Castle tour, I give you my Peles Castle Tour.  The Peles Castle is quite exquisite and very opulent, a much different look than the more medieval Bran Castle.
Sitting atop a pine covered hill, Peles Castle neighbors the smaller Pelisor Castle so is convenient in that you can tour two castles in one outing.  However, the cost is pricier than the Bran tour.  You can pay for a guided version in various languages or go with a less lengthy tour with a guide speaking in Romanian.  Since my husband could translate, we opted for this version.  Also to be noted, we paid extra on our ticket cost to be allowed to take photos, but once inside were told that we couldn't use a flash which in so many dark areas seemed like we'd been ripped off considering we'd had to pay to take photos.
It's a good thing I snapped a lot of outdoor photos since the lighting was good.  The scenery around the castle was really my favorite part.  I don't know why, but I was really drawn to the statuaries.

Look at this beautiful iron work!
My eyes just went everywhere.  The frescoes, the iron detail, the woodwork!  It was all very stunning.
I'll continue our tour indoors in in a future post.  Until then, I hope you enjoyed these photos.  Have a great week.