Monday, May 25, 2009

dinner's on me

It appears that I've not posted since Sept. 2007 so here it is, a post! Tonight was fish taco night but I'm too bummed to eat. my husband is in Houston taking some week long class and all i can envision is him taking nooners with some tart from the classroom. i wonder if he feels this way when I'm in class. lord only knows how thrilled he was when i told him that i wanted to quit my dreaded occupation to go back to school so that i would have more time to spend with him. (wait-that sounded wrong. he complains constantly about the younger boys that will sweep me off my feet. he's already five years younger. what? does he think I'll start dating a junior high student next?) well, I'll start an algebra class tomorrow so goodbye summer fun. actually, it has been very boring so far. the truth is sitting at home alone only feels good when it comes after some really hard work. sitting in day in day out has me feeling a bit angsty.

fish tacos:
whatever you do-don't use cod or orange roughy (sorry guys, maybe you are good with something, I've just not found out what yet)
I usually buy tillapia and drizzle with evoo, salt, and cracked pepper before i grill the fillets
it is also imperative to use shredded cabbage instead of lettuce, in my opinion
avocado slices are nice and so are diced tomatoes, & shredded cheddar or crumbled queso fresco
i also like to create my own spicy mayo to top off the tacos
which consists of (in no particular order or measurement) mayo, paprika, lemon juice, sour cream, chili powder, dill pickle relish and anchiote molido. i mix this til it taste good.

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