Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Finds!

Happy Monday, thrilled about yesterday's finds at the flea market, I just have to share!  By all means, I'm no expert when it comes to junking but, I've been studying up on certain items and get positively giddy when I come across something that I know is great deal!  During this last year of being pregnant, I searched extensively for the perfect vintage finds for my baby's room.  I wanted "vintage circus".  See, I had Little Golden book circus images in my mind.  Come to find out, what I was looking for was very hard to find.  However, in the process of combing through countless pages, I stumbled upon things that I wasn't looking for but, loved none the less.  Irmi lamps made a debut on The Baby Gardner's blog and it was love at first sight but,  I couldn't afford the ones I'd seen online.  Lo and behold, I found my first Irmi "Wee Willie Winkie" lamp around my mom's neck of the woods and it was a steal at $12!  Yesterday, I found another!  This is "Humpty Dumpty and all the King's men"  and I got it for $8!  It's amazing!  There was a cute picture I found for $4 and a flour canister for $5, too.  IT  was a GOOD day!  See pics of my loot : )
The lamp works and the real treat was finding out that "all the king's men" on that little round disc wind up to play a sweet little music box melody.  I about died!  I will have items listed for sale on Etsy after Labor Day weekend, hopefully.  I will keep you guys posted.  Later, Toots

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