Friday, August 6, 2010

Speaking of Momo

The thought occurs to me that most of us probably have strange names for those kooky people we claim family. I, myself, have, as previously mentioned, a Momo. I also have a Mimi. Now, my mom is being called Memaw and she, herself, had a Gawgaw. Which might be why I named my great aunt Betty, BawBaw. To add to the craziness that is my family. I had a Papaw and an Intsy. There was some of the usual names, of course, too. I do have the aptly named Grandma and Grandpa but, for my maternal grandmother, her luck ran out. She still tries to sneak in calling herself "grandma" but, it's not gonna happen. Let's face it, when the great grand kids have a name like Grandma Butch in their repertoire, it's not likely that they're going to let that one go. Poor Grandma Butch. See, she divorced my crazy Granddaddy and remarried before I was even born. She's married to Butch to this day and since I had three grandfathers. I titled the step version as Grandpa Butch and well, Grandma Butch just followed suit. I've gotten the questioning eye from anyone within ear shot when they've heard me say "Grandma Butch" and I know she blushes from embarrassment when she's called that in public but, what are you gonna do? And "butch", she's anything but. She's always been the frailest, tiniest, thing with the palest blue eyes and platinum page boy for as long as I can remember. With a Virginia slim in hand and a stack of Hershey's mini wrappers next to her Coke, she's been a good sport about her name, mostly, and I love her dearly. My daughter's other grandma is named Bebe, which are actually her initials (B.B.) since she couldn't stand the thought of being a grandma. I'm sure there are other kooky names extending from the way back but, I'm at a loss for now. If you have any funny names for your loved ones, please share. And, let's not bring "pet names" into the mix for now. I'll just think about that tomorrow!

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