Friday, August 27, 2010

Who's old?

I'm old.  At least, that is how I feel.  I heard "Vogue" playing in the Dr.'s office today and I said, "oooh, Madonna!"  Upon which my daughter promptly replied, "I don't know any of her songs".  This is not news to me.  When she was seven (or so) my mom bought her one of the children's books written by Madonna and when I ooohhhed over that book she asked, "Who's Madonna?"  The next song to play after "Vogue" was Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" which I stated sounded like an Ace of Base rip off  to which me sweet 11 yr. old asked, "Who's Ace of Base?"  The lab tech and I had a good chuckle and I promised to "educate" my child on the "oldies" music of our youth.  This day proved to be a real test of faith since I knew these labs were checking for cancer.  Thank the good Lord, I got the "all clear" phone call this afternoon.  I'd forgotten all about showing my age and musical taste earlier in the day, what with all the stress but, apparently it was not lost on my lil' darlin' since the worry of test findings was between the doctor and I only (we didn't share with her what we were looking for to spare her).  She reminded me at nine p.m. to show her a youtube video of Ace of Base and we compared notes on Gaga's song and the AoB song.  She thinks GaGa is weird (and I agree) and then she asked to see some Madonna videos.  Wow, was she shocked.  And here she thought Lady Gaga was odd.  Now, after watching Madonna she realizes Gaga isn't as innovative as she'd thought.  Looks like Gaga has pulled some inspiration, too, by watching a few Madonna videos in her day. 

Well, I think it's neat to introduce my daughter to a little bit of musical history.  I kind of got joy from the whole ordeal, feeling old or not.  And since she's on the mend, I've promised her a coca cola cake so be on the look out for pics and recipe this weekend!  Hope you have a good one. So long, toots!  : )

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