Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leftover Lasagna? Anyone?

Last night, I mixed up my traditional Lasagna recipe a bit and I used spinach and basil (basil from my garden) instead of meat.  I don't think that it was bad but, I just asked the fam if we could heat up leftovers and the room was silent.  I have to say, I was really hopeful that they would just go for the leftover idea since I'm wiped out but, I don't think they're gonna show me any mercy.  Considering that baby's been running fever from her immunizations and been as cranky as...well, a baby running fever from her immunizations, you would think that maybe one of my sweet, loving, caring, family members would step in and say, "Gee, mom, you look beat.  Sit down and put your feet up.  I'll get YOU dinner."  (Oh.  Wait. Are you a mom, too? If so, you probably read that last line and laughed out loud as you thought, "yeah. right.  I'll have what she's smoking!"

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