Monday, October 11, 2010

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays. Part Deux

So much for the happy mood the weekend brought me.  Yep.  Somebody's got a case of the Mondays.
This morning the alarm clock beeped. Way too early.  Well, no earlier than usual, but it felt earlier.  Mmmmkay?!  I proceeded to get ready at my usual speed which doesn't leave a whole lotta extra time getting moi and mon petit bebe out the door.  In the final moments of getting it all together this happened-

Me:  Hey, do you know where my glasses are?

Big Sissy:  Huh

Me: I can't find my glasses.  Gahhhh

Big Sissy:  Oh. I don't know.

Me: (running thru the house frantically groping around for my glasses because, people, if you need glasses chances are you can't SEE where you left them...just sayin') HOLY CRAP WHY WON'T THE LIGHT TURN ON?
Sissy:  Where?  Where are you?

Me: (obviously losing my cool at this point because I can't find my damned glasses) In my freaking room!  I can't see.  I changed these bulbs last night.  WHATTHEHELLHAPPENED? Aghhhh.  Forget it, what time is it?

Sissy: 7:10  You're gonna be late

Me: Aghhhh (loading up and waving like a spaz while driving out of the drive way)

On the road.  Calling husband to see what happened with bedroom lights-
Me: Hey.  The bedroom lights wouldn't come on
Husband:  Oh.  Yeah.  I unscrewed them all to mess with you
Me: (silence)  I couldn't see to find my glasses.  I was trying to find them.  I'm late to school, now.  Why would you do that?
Husband:  Ummm.  I didn't want you to come into bed and turn on the light again to read.

Ummm.. Great.  Later that morning...8:01.  Officially late.  Classmate walking up behind me.

Classmate:  So why are you running late this morning?

Really, folks, how was I gonna explain this one?  To make matters worse, apparently tardiness has been an issue with my fine classmates and today was the straw that broke the camel's back for ole teach .  Yeaaaaaaaaa (tiny fist pumps).  She asked for everyone that was late to write "late" next to their name on the attendance sheet.  Late.  Thanks, hubby.  Thanks slacker classmates for ticking the teacher off to the point of no forgiveness.  I'd cut no slack, too, if most of the class never read; yet alone brought books to class or showed up on time or even showed up at all for that matter.  Such is life, but may I just add:  Life isn't fair...whaaa haaa hahhaaaa.  Hey, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to. BUT thanks for being a shoulder to cry on.  love ya bunches.

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Marguerite said...

Omg, he'd be sleeping on the sofa, for that one! lol