Monday, October 4, 2010

Sounds like Somebody's got a Case of the Mondays

Ah, Monday. Today, the school network computer printers are down and so who knows if I'll get credit for emailing the various assignments that were due in class. Fingers crossed. This weekend proved to be a royal pain which only leads to my case of the Mondays. I'm waiting for the pest control guy to call me back to schedule an appt. to come determine what kind of termites we have. (tiny fist pumps) Yea. Aside from that, I feel that my throat is swelling, mother nature has knocked on my door, the babies allergies are kicking in, and the dog peed on the floor leaving my husband peeved enough to swear to banish him outdoors from here on in. (breath) Uhhhhhhhhhhh (sucking the life in) uhhhhhehhhhuuuh.

Going off on this tiny tangent doesn't seem to be helping so let me add this in:
Somehow, I feel I've crossed into an alternate universe via and blogland. Where did all these crafty, master chefs, come from?!?! Is EVERYBODY that damned good at something? I don't particularly think that I'm good at anything. It's all I can muster to keep the house clean, groceries stocked, homework done, laundry washed, and yard weeded. I try to cook everyday and usually I succeed. The kids are bathed, and the floors are swept but, looking at the awesomely, amazingly, creative stuff these people come up with blows me away! How did they do that and why in the heck do I feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants just to keep it all together while they're off making the cutest crap on the planet just as cool as cucumbers and their kids are off learning, oh I don't know, how to knit the next cutest thing in the history of the planet?!?  That was a lot of carrying on, I know.  I just wonder how these amazing people really do it?  Tips please ; )

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