Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Junking Heaven

Over the Thanksgiving break, my mom and I took time to go thru some of our favorite antique stores.  Too, we made a stop at the mall in Brownwood, TX and of all things, it had a "Peddlers" type store inside.  If you've ever been to a "Country Peddler's Show" you may know what I'm talking about.  We have one come thru town about once a season.  I went to my first...ever...back in October in search of baby's stocking, but couldn't find a one.  Peddler shows consist of various vendors selling their wares.  What I noticed was a lot of the same things from booth to booth, really blingy, chunky, jewelry, dip & soup mixes, home decor (mainly consisting of crosses & animal prints-maybe this is a TX thing), and kids decor (mainly little girls stuff in hot pink with black and white zebra prints and peace signs-go figure).  There were some nicely crafted things, just not what I was in search of.  The Peddler in the Brownwood mall, however, was more my speed.  There were vendors with antiques, old quilts and linens, vintage aprons & dishtowels, and yes, even my sought after Christmas Stockings!  Here are some images of things I found @ the Peddler...

This purse is for my friend's daughter who has a birthday just around the corner. It's in honor of the families' weenie dog!

Stockings only $8! Front and back views shown
and the makings for mon petit bebe's stocking


Here's a lovely pair of sparrow toothpick holders.  I found them at a shop in Rising Star, TX

Here's a quilted pillow that I fell in love with...only $4!

and sweet little quilt squares...I'm thinking I may frame them.  What do you think?
one of the cutest aprons I've ever seen...only $2!
I found so many wonderful things and at such good prices.  I couldn't imagine a better way to do my Black Friday shopping than lolling thru antique stores and shops finding such lovely buys.  Waiting in long lines and fighting for gadgets, that's for the birds ; )


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

This looks like my kind of shopping too. Such unique and wonderful treasures you found. Love the stockings, and yes! You should frame those quilt squares. They are so charming. What wonderful prices on your purchases! I would have loved to have gone on this shopping trip with you. laurie

GardenofDaisies said...

I LOVE the quilt stockings and the vintage apron!!! I wish I had been with you when you went shopping!