Monday, January 17, 2011

What say ye?

Parenting advice is a tricky topic.  Often, it comes unsolicited.  Well intended, I'm sure, but unwanted none the less.  Then, there are times that leave a parent wondering "What the heck?!", and "what should I do?"

photo found on google images..not mine.

Today would be one of those days.  Baby has been teething, lately.  She got her bottom two months ago and, now, it's the top teeth's turn to work their way down.  Her gums have been swollen for weeks and the center top two finally broke through over the weekend.  We've felt the jagged edges of the new pearly whites and gushed to anyone who would listen, but this morning something unexpected happened.

It sounds like mon petit bebe, after just getting her teeth, has promptly started grinding them.  Does anyone have experience with this?  How did she know how to grit her teeth together after only having them for a day?  I'm concerned because I don't want her to do any damage before they've even fully come down.

When she's making the atrocious sound I try to distract her with something to get her mind off of what she's doing, but eek, this could get tough.

Thoughts welcome.

Have a wonderful MLK Day!

The Kitchen Witch

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