Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Here's a picture of my mom's cat, Angel.  He's about as big as our Pekingese, George (and he's 17 lbs.)!

This is the remnants of the picket fence that used to surround my mom's house and garage.  My mom's place is magical.  And ancient.  My Granddaddy bought the house from a very old couple.  He'd offered to buy their place for years before they finally agreed.  One day, the old man just called up and said he was ready to sell.  Since my Granddaddy already owned the land that surrounded the place, it just fit right in with the rest of the spread.  But, the area around this house seems different somehow.  It is more magical somehow.  We believe the house was built in the 20's.  It originally consisted of a bedroom, living room, and kitchen.  The rest was added on in the 50's, I think.  Just think, it didn't even contain a bathroom.  The original wasn't even wired for electricity and this place is out in the middle of nowhere, y'all.  Tres magnifique!

The reason I show this fence is this,  look carefully at the remaining hint of!  You can even see it  on the shed next to the fence.  By the way, that little shed houses a cellar that we've been forbade to go into for fear that it would collapse in on itself.  That thing has been there forever and who knows how many snakes or scorpions or black widow spiders lurk inside.  BUT, back to the pink.  The fence, the garage and shed, the house, even the pump house were all painted pink.  AND not just the house, but the inside of it, too!  Every door, cabinet, wall, and trim was dripping in pink.  Can you picture it?  A man painting his whole property pink for his love?  Mind you, pink was en vogue back in the was new on the scene and so many people had pink kitchens and whatnot...but a whole house and all its surroundings?!  I've never seen or heard of such a thing!  I like to think that the man must have loved her an awful lot to paint everything in his bride's favorite color.  We don't know much about the couple.  After all, they did live in the middle of nowhere.  He did leave a headstone on the property (of no relation to him) and when asked about it, he said that he'd made a mistake on the name and just brought it home...that's what he did for a living, carve headstones.  Maybe the pink cheered him from all the death that surrounded his day job.  The couple drug up large flat rocks from the creek for stepping stone paths to the shed and pump-house, and she'd planted roses all around the place.  I like to close my eyes and picture it house, pink picket fence, and pink roses!

I hope that story has painted a rosy, peaceful, picture in your mind.


The Kitchen Witch

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