Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

How many times have you gone in with an idea in mind only to realize you don't know where you're really going with it?  The other day, I bought Penne pasta and Italian sausage for the makings of some sort of pasta dish.  I've read a few recipes with these ingredients so knew I had something to work with, but what else could I add?

I decided that Bell Peppers and Sweet Onions would compliment nicely, but I was still missing something.  While the water built up to a boil, I merrily chopped and sauteed.  The Italian Sausage was thawing...Hmmm.  What else could I add?  I decided I'd add sliced Yellow Squash.  Yes, that would go nicely.  And I remembered that I had a can of Artichoke Hearts.  Mmm.  Now we're talking.  I had Big Sister pick some fresh Sweet Basil and Italian Parsley to toss in at the end, but still...

Sauce!  I needed a sauce.  Too bad I didn't have any cream or jarred pasta sauce to doctor up.  BUT WAIT!  I did have a can of Tomato Sauce and a brick of Cream Cheese.  That would make a lovely cream sauce, wouldn't it?!  Well, yes; it did, and there folks is how you wing dinner  ; )
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Season to taste.  I kept it simple with S&P.  By the way, I'm sharing on Foodie Friday's over @ Designs By Gollum.  Check it out : )  And, y'all know we usually get to eating in this house quicker than you can blink an eye so no photo of the finished prodect.  I'll have to add one in later on : )

Love and Hugs,

The Kitchen Witch

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