Thursday, April 14, 2011


Big Boy Tomatoes
Yellow Pear Tomatoes
Patio Variety
Beaf Eater Variety
Would you look at all of these tomatoes; I'm so excited, y'all!  Last year I only had three measly tomatoes between two plants all season! 

Now, I've got a question about Fried Green Tomatoes...are there a certain variety that's best for making them or will any kind of unripened tomato do?  It seems that my google search left me a little confused on the verdict so what's your opinion?

Many said there is a specific variety that never turns red, others said that it's just an unripened red tomato.

My thoughts, I can't imagine southerners back in the day being so particular about having grocers "order a specific variety of tomato" just so they could prepare Fried Green Tomatoes.  I think we've over complicated this, y'all.  Wouldn't it make sense that some women saw that they had more tomatoes cropping up than they knew what to do with and so they started plucking them off?  I bet some clever lady sat and thought about what to do with her rock hard tomato and figured, "I'm gonna fry this little sucker within an inch of it's existence." and viola, the fantabulous Fried Green Tomato was born ; )

I think I'll fry some up tonight!  I'll post pics to let you know how it went.

Ta ta for now,

The Kitchen Witch

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laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Wow! I am SO envious of your beautiful tomatoes! I quit trying to grow them, because the squirrels always ate them before I got any. I LOVE fresh tomatoes. I use unripened tomatoes (any variety) for fried green toms (another favorite of mine). I am still laughing over your comment about Papa Goose looking like Hugh Heffner. I'll never be able to look at those pictures in the same way again! laurie