Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Considering it my Lucky Day

The other day, I bid on a signed and numbered print of a New Orleans artist, Ann deLorge, that I'd found online at a Goodwill in WI.

I only bid $12 so consider myself lucky to have won the bid.  This will be a birthday present for my mom who does her fair share of painting, but holds all things Louisianan close to her heart.

I hope she likes her newest picture ; )  In the near future, I'll be going to my mom's for a visit and will take several photos of her paintings to display on my blog.  Using pastels to oils, my mom creates many wonderful things, but she's not technologically savvy so hasn't begun to share her works with the world wide web...mostly she goes to surrounding area art shows and sales and has sold pieces that way, but I'm excited to expand her market.  We shall see how that goes ; )

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Anonymous said...

I think I must be getting close to your mums art,, you mentioned it here!!I'm really enjoying reading all the posts though,,