Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amarillito Mole Chicken

I tried this recipe for Amarillito Mole and thought it was really great.  Some Mole recipes are really extensive.  I've avoided making Mole like the plague because of the mile long ingredient list, but when I watched Pati's  "Cinnamon" episode, she made it look so easy.

I live in South Texas so, being close to the border and all, I have easy access to all sorts of authentic Mexican flavors.  Here are some pictures of the chilis used in this recipe...
The top Chili is The Guajillo or Chili Cascavel.  The bottom Chili is the Ancho.
Here is an image of the tomatillos, tomato, and Chilis simmering away.

This is the Corn Masa Flour.  There were several varities  on the shelf  and I was confused about this being "instant", but Ms. Pati mentioned Maseca so I'm pretty sure this is it.
Here are the little dumplings...

This is the blended sauce.  I let it sit in the blender while I browned the chicken and sauteed the onion.

The end product was so flavorful.  We served it with a dollop of Oaxaquena Crema and a toasted Masa chip. 

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Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hi Kitchen Witch!
Thanks for visiting our blog! Did you make your salsa with your tomatoes? This recipe looks delicious but I don't know one chili pepper from another. We can't have chicken at our house because my husband is allergic to chicken! Yea, it's weird. No turkey at Thanksgiving either. You do have some other delicious sounding recipes, though.

Karen said...

Yummy looking recipe. I love mole!
I'm your newest follower... one South Texan to another.
Ladybug Creek