Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And Then There Were Three

...chickens, that is.  Last night the hubs and I ventured off to the home of a man claiming he was selling chickens and he was...lots of 'em.  We bought three.  They're not old enough to lay eggs yet, but are past the cutesy chick stage.  Since I hadn't planned on a third, it is nameless.

I voted on Idgy after a character in one of the latest books I have read.  Sister thinks we should name it Tilley.  I'm thinking it is going to be Tilley.  That is definitely a better name than her first suggestion which was Peggy.  I just can't picture a hen named Peggy, can you?  I'm dubbing the black one as the nameless one because she's just plain ugly.  The Black Australorp variety, the man says, though ugly, lays a lot of eggs and that's what we want which is why the ugly gal made it home with us.
The Barred Rock hen.  This will be "Bright"
The ugly old Australorp or Minorca breed.

The Ameraucana.  She lays colored eggs.  I think she will be called  "Early"

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