Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's a Hen Party!

Well, instead of getting out for a good 'ol time, we decided to get hens.  It's been a real "hen party" around here this weekend.  We don't have the birds yet, but I've been in contact with the man selling them.  These will be our backyard birds...laying hens.  We only want two.  We would like Plymouth Barred Rock or Ameraucana Hens.  Ameraucanas are known as Easter Egg Hens since they lay varied color, green, etc.  They're known to be high yield producers of large eggs, just like I like.

To prepare, husband has been building this little get up on the garage side of our house.  It's the shadiest part of the yard and nothing grows there since the spot is canopied by a huge Oak tree.  I hope the hens like it. The hubs is building nesting boxes as we speak.  This whole thing is covered in poultry netting to keep the stray cats and other varmints out.  We spent no more than $50 for the whole thing, not bad compared to hen houses selling for hundreds of dollars.

 Pretty birds...

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Plymouth Barred Rock.  Image courtesy.
Ameraucana image found on Ideal Poultry Website 
 I think I will name them Bright and Early or Click and Cluck.  What do you think?  I just can't wait for those fresh eggs!

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Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Oh chickens have been on my mind for a long time! Can't wait to read about your experience, especially since you're only planning to get two. I look forward to your updates:@)