Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep your butt in the car

Can't sleep...thinking of my Great Uncle Tommy's property which has been battling blazes for the past two days.

If I could convince just one friend who's a smoker to not throw their cigarettes out the window, think of the impact that would make!  It only takes a few seconds to toss a cigarette out the window, but think of the devastation you could be causing to what may have taken another person a lifetime to get.

Cigarette Litter IMPACTS has an interesting website if you are interested in reading up on the issue.  Texas has been in a major drought so my concern of spreading fires makes sense.  Many towns are worried about whether or not they will soon run out of water to drink.  Battling blazes, unfortunately, is just not something they have enough water for.  No water + fires cropping up everywhere = no good.

If you're a smoker, get yourself a disposable cup with a little water in it and toss your butts in that, if you're not a smoker, but are around one, provide a cup for them next time you're in the car with them.  You'd be doing a world of good.


GardenofDaisies said...

Sorry to hear of the fire on your uncles land. Littering on the road is bad, not matter what it is. But tossing something that is lit, like a cigarette butt, is just unforgivable!

Pam said...

Oh, that's terrible. I agree. We had some construction workers on our property and they left cigarette butts everywhere, and we haven't had rain in ages!