Sunday, September 25, 2011

Experimenting with Biscuits

When I was a young girl, I added refrigerated biscuits to my grandma's grocery list often.  This was due to the fact that my mom had given me a Pillsbury Bake-Off cookbook and I was set on trying out every recipe in it.  The recipes were not at all intimidating, even for a 12 yr. old.  I'd also picked up some handy tricks from my Home-Ec class....rolling the dough out, dipping it in melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar, and twisting it into shape.  I definitely liked to play around with biscuits.
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All of these memories came flooding back when I made Chicken Stew with biscuits the other day.  Upon sharing them, my 12 yr. old has been requesting biscuits to try out recipes from the Pillsbury website ever since.  I must admit, the bevy of recipes has grown significantly from when I was 12.  We are eyeing the pull apart breads, especially.  I giggle at the idea of history repeating itself.

Pictures of our adventures with biscuits to follow...


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh i LOVED this.... i love those Pillsbury biscuits..remember making the cinnamon sugar ones when i was about 10 too !!! at my grandmas house...and i LOVE those little Pillsbury cookbooks you get at the checkout counter...i just got out my Fall Baking ones this morning...circa 1985 !!!! i LOVE them....

happy to stop by and happy to follow


Anonymous said...

My mother always bought the Pillsbury biscuits and I still buy them. My grandson loves helping in the kitchen, too. This post sure did bring back some memories for me.