Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Around the Corner

We've already begun our holiday shopping, picking up little things here and there, and if there's one thing holiday shopping conjures up, it's holiday cravings.

Do you get those? 

Just the thought of Christmas makes my mouth water for sweet-treat deliveries by the postman.  When I was a kid, I especially loved getting fruit cakes (don't laugh) and gift baskets in the mail.  My granddaddy always sent a fruit cake from Collins Street Bakery, and our relatives from New York would enroll us in fruit/dessert of the month clubs. Those deliveries were almost as exciting as Christmas morning.  Lately, I've been perusing the online sites of all my favorite treats.  I have a few...
Bear Claws, Brittle, Baskets; oh my!  River Street Sweets for truly southern treats.
Doberge Cake ½ and ½
Gambino's Half & Half- You have to go to their website to check these Doberge cakes!
Collin Street Bakery!

Do you have any favorites from your neck of the woods?  Please share : )


Anonymous said...

we never had store bought goodies at christmas,, no fancy bakeries or such close.Lived in the boonies of Northern Canada but we baked and stirred up special treats only eaten at christmas, such as fudge, fruitcake, shortbread, toffee, things like that.I 'm going to check out your likes,, we can have anuthing our hearts desire now thanks to the computer!

Stephen said...

Guess I'm strange too, I love fruitcake.

A Kitchen Witch said...

@ Laurie- Yes, technology is good for that, but I'm so tempted to buy up treats that my scale should brace itself!; )

@ Stephen- Fruitcakes are divine! AND those in my family that won't touch it just leave more for me : )

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

We used to get Almond Toffee at the office, loved it so much I began to make it myself:@)