Sunday, November 27, 2011

I love vintage sodas!  I tried my first Cheerwine some weeks back and thought I'd share a pic I snapped before I cracked the bottle open.
  My daughter shares an equal love for vintage sodas and we always look for 'em when we're on the road.  This Thanksgiving trip was no exception.  Unfortunately, we didn't find a single vintage or unique soda.  It used to be that we'd find a Frostie soda here and there, but the most unique soda we find nowadays is a RC Cola (which is fine-my Great Grandpa ran a factory in his heyday and we grew up loving them).  Our local Cracker Barrel had this Cheerwine along with some other retro sodas.

What's your favorite pop from the past?


Stephen said...

I love them too. My favorite, hard to say, I guess an old fashioned Ni-Hi. If I spelled it correctly.

A Kitchen Witch said...

Stephen, Thx for stopping by! I read that RC Cola corporation used to be Ne-hi, but name changed with the times.