Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rattle Snake in School

Photo of rattlesnake
My mom called me the other morning to tell me about a little boy who was bitten at the local elementary school in her area.  He's only a second grader and was bitten while reaching in a little supply cabinet or the like.  I found this article relating to the incident.

She said this is not the first snake sighting at the school.  In fact, she commented, over the summer, that if "they didn't do something someone was going to get hurt."  Well, that's happened.  Apparently the boy is getting the care he needs in Fort Worth.  I was highly disturbed when I found out that both Eastland hospital and the one in Abilene did not have anti-venom.  This is the "Big Country" area of Texas and it is country, hundreds of miles of country.  With all the small towns dotting the area, I find it hard to believe that they don't have necessary supplies in these hospitals.  Fort Worth is two hours from Eastland and three from Abilene.  I just pray that none of my family ever get bitten because when time is of the essence and life's hanging by a thread, two hours is a mighty long wait.

I hope they found the snake(s) over the weekend.  I'd hate to send my kids to school knowing there was a rattler loose.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

That's horrible, I hope the little guy is ok. Also hope the hospitals start to carry the items they need to help the local communities.

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my word! That poor little boy! I feel so bad for all the teachers and students that have to continue to show up at the school, even though they have not found where the snakes are. That would be scary!

Mrs BC said...

It's enough to keep your little ones home from school! Is there any snake handlers or such that can come & find (& hopefully remove) the snakes? I'm glad the boy is ok & I hope this is the wake up call the hospitals need to start carrying anti venom. I love snakes, but here in Australia we have a healthy respect for them..

A Kitchen Witch said...

The school hired a removal company to come this past weekend...don't know if they found anything, but school resumed as "usual" on Friday. I think I'd have been one keeping my kiddos home, at least on that day! Scary!!!

Basic Humanity said...

Wow that's crazy. Stories like this make me thankful England is free from pretty much anything dangerous. Hope the poor little dude is ok. Can't imagine why the hospitals wouldn't have the anti-venoms. Seems very wrong. Perhaps the communities could get together to raise awareness of that and get the hospitals to do something.
Enjoying the blog btw. I'm a first time reader. :)