Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Born in the U. S. A.

It's "Buy American" month, apparently.  I'm just learning this, but I did catch a news story on ABC News the other day about buying American and it piqued my interest so I've been checking labels lately.  Once you start looking at the things you mindlessly buy, it's amazing how much doesn't come from America.  I guess I typically don't notice where products are coming from aside from seafood at the counter with it's blatant labels, "product of Taiwan."  Shame on me. (The seafood issue has irked me because I live on the Gulf Coast and so don't get how it's cheaper to ship shrimp all the way from Taiwan when they're just down the street on the docks.)

I've withheld from buying several things that I've picked up because they were not American made.  This news article claims that if you spend just $64 dollars, that creates 200,000 jobs in America.  Buying American may be more difficult than it sounds, but don't be discouraged.  If you're like me you will feel tons better about your purchases.

Here are a few of my buys for stocking stuffers, all American made goodies.
Elmer's assorted box of chocolates rests in the bottom box (I guess Dad's getting a sneak peek at his treats), DeMet's Turtles will make it in our stockings, Ferrara Chocolate Oranges (the whack and crack variety) are also American, I was glad to discover, and Liberty Orchards Fruit Delights will be my little gift to myself unless unexpected company arrives and I'm pressed for a gift to give ; )

I've also been scouting antique stores for vintage buys instead of buying newly, crummy made things.  You can scout pages like Etsy.com to make online buys if you don't have the time to go junking.  This helps fellow Americans who are trying to make a buck, too.  Many of the people on Etsy are just too crafty for words.  I think you will be impressed.

Here are a few fun ideas...
Vintage cookie cutters Christmas shapes aluminum with one green handle

Large Avocado Green Sunflower California Pottery Round Serving Platter

Vintage Dish Set: Crisa Milk Glass Christmas Holly 49 Pieces Mint

creamy pearl acorn necklace -white gold plated chain

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Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I think I remember those cookie cutters from my G-Mom-B's house:@)