Friday, July 27, 2012

In the Name of Fashion

Love during initial sight
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While I'm not a makeup snob, I am particular about a few products, brands I've come to love over the years.  The trouble is, our smallish city doesn't carry the brands I've come to love and I just don't think I'm ready to find replacements.  I don't like a lot of change so sticking with what I love and know comes naturally to me even if it means me hopping on the web and making an online purchase (which I'm not comfortable with.)
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Maybe you've experienced this with some product...doesn't have to be makeup; you love it, but can't find it anywhere.  Of course, the internet has solved so much of this for us, mostly, but every once in awhile you come across those shady sites.
No, not shady sites!
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This particular product, an eyebrow pencil of all things, is no longer made so most companies have only a few unpopular shades left in stock, save one company that had what I was searching for in just my shade!  Oh, happy day!
Doing the Happy Dance

Except the little package never arrived.
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I waited a month.  I called.  A girl answered from what sounded like her home, well, at least with no professionalism to her response.  I told her my problem...order never arrived.  She asked me my name and number, no order number to reference, no inquiry as to what product(s) I'd ordered.  She hung up.  I waited three days for a call (I know, I'm nice) which I never received.  I called my credit card company and explained and told them I had an emailed receipt that referenced no tracking number.  I've had this card for a decade and never had an issue like this.  They reversed the charge right away.  
I felt better, but that company is still on the internet highway.  It seemed like a legit company. Maybe my order just got lost, maybe not.  I'll likely never know, but I do know I'll never purchase from them again.

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