Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Reading

Summer is winding down.  For me, it ended early July when I went back for summer classes at the university.  Big Sissy has joined suit and is now back at school, too, but that doesn't mean summer reading has to end.  Truthfully, I've had difficulty keeping up with school and home responsibilities so reading has been pushed aside, but I've been missing my books.  So many new books have crossed my path and I just can't wait for next week to finish so I can jump into reading full-throttle again.

Until then, I'll sneak in a few pages when I can.  Here's what's on the menu.

James Lee Burke's Neon Rain
I just learned of this series by it's latest release, Creole Belle, but wanted to start with book 1 in the series so Neon Rain is just the beginning.  So far, it seems promising.
Spring Fever

Mary Kay Andrew's, Spring Fever is on a wait list at my library so that's a good sign, right?  Only five more people ahead of me on the list and I'll have plenty to read until then.

Michele Bardsley's, Because I'm the Vampire, That's Why  is another one I'm just beginning.
It's another first in a series, The Broken Hearts series, that is.  I'm hoping that since I like Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, I'll like this series, too.  Here's to hoping.


Stephen said...

You will love the Burke...very rich prose.

A Kitchen Witch said...

@ Stephen- You're the reason I stumbled onto the series so thank you. From the few pages I've read so far, I'm liking it and thrilled that I have not just one book, but a whole series to read! Thanks for the recommendation. : )