Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Kitchen House

The Kitchen House
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This book has been my latest read.  My insurance agent had it on her shelf and passed it on to me.  We were both currently on The Paris Wife, another good read, and upon discussing it she suggested I read this while handing it over to me.  I hadn't heard a thing about it, but I'm so glad it found its way to me because it is a great book.  When googling it, I saw that movie rights have been purchased.  That's as much as I know about that and I'm not sure how accurate that bit of information is, but it would make a great movie as it is already playing out that way, clearly, in my head.  I love this book.  If you're on the hunt for another read, I suggest the kitchen house.

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Stephen said...

Nice to have you back...I check out the book.