Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Play House for Our Daughter

Recently, I shared a post with many charming playhouse pictures.  We'd wanted to build our youngest a playhouse for her birthday, but I was skeptical that we could complete it in time.  Well, hubs had the weekend off this past week so we set to work.  Here are pics of our progress.
Hubs started out with the frame for the floor.
Yours truly secured the floor.  Hey, I love power tools. ;)
Teeny Tiny was pretty skeptical, too, up to this point, but came around right about the time there was a floor for her to climb up on.  She still wasn't a fan of the noise from the tools and took off running anytime one sounded.

At this point, Husby has been working on the roof and I'm slapping on some primer before the roof goes on.

Big Sissy paid me a visit once some shade was established.
Lattice board went up for walls.  For our South Texas heat, we opted for something that would let a lot of breeze through.
Lattice was trimmed for the "porch" of the project which will set in about two feet.  We will show distinction between the porch and playhouse with curtains dividing the spaces.  I've still got to work on that as well as paint on Bebe's requested colors, "pink and purple and blue."  I haven't exactly figured out where color will go and quite like the "white house," but will figure it all out this coming weekend, just in time for her party.  Pictures of a finished and decorated project to follow. 

Until then, have a wonderful week.

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