Friday, April 5, 2013

Pop Tarts from Scratch and Life on the Side

I found the idea to make my own Pop Tarts from Pinterest.  Quick & East Recipes shared the recipe for Strawberry Nutella Poptarts and I'm so glad they did.  I think I'll try making these with puff pastry the next time we try them since I'm not a huge fan of pie crust, but the girls were thrilled with them so it's definitely worth doing again.

We've made a few trips recently, one for my Grandma's funeral and the other for Easter.  It's been a sad time for us, but it was nice to visit with family and friends of the family.

Here we are at the cemetery.  This place is so remote, the last time a person was buried there was in 2006.  The cemetery is small and the oldest marker dates back to the 1830's .  It was neat to walk through and read the dates, imagining people over one hundred years ago traveling afoot or by horse and buggy to this same spot to mourn for their loved ones.
Here's my Mom's rooster, Chief.  He is beautiful and newly a father to seventeen chicks.
Momma (I think this is Margie) really won't let us get near enough to get a good picture.  She really is a good momma bird.

For Easter, we had a little Duck Dynasty inspired fun and went all out Camo.  For the men, this just meant they didn't have to change into Easter dress since camouflage is staple attire.

Camo or not, the kids had fun
with confetti eggs or cascarones as we call 'em,
and piñatas.  There's more candy than we know what to do with.

I hope you had a nice Easter holiday and are ready for warmer days.  They're coming.


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