Monday, August 9, 2010

Aghhhh (sighs), Whiteflies!

We've recently completed our entryway courtyard.  I've laid down all sorts of shade-loving plants in the courtyard and a host of flowering ones along the front of the house.  Unfortunately, not but just a few weeks after the plants moved in did these damned little whiteflies rear their ugly little wings.  My Hibiscus looks terrible; though, the asian jasmine and esperanzas seem to be fairing better.  I'm beginning to notice them in the back yard, too, around my tomato plants!  Why me?!  I've sprayed the plants with SaferSoap and followed up with seven dust but, these seem to be pesky little critters so I think I need to pull out the big guns so to speak.  Any suggestions? My favorite local plant store is closed today so I'm having to wait 'til tomorrow to see what they suggest.

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