Saturday, August 21, 2010


Tonight marked a very momentous night in my husband and I's life; we went out on a date.  I even bought a pretty white dress to wear and had a sitter lined up four weeks in advance.  This was to be the first night out since our youngest was born almost four months ago.  Little did I know she had a few plans of her own.  I arrived at my friend's (who was the designated sitter) house at 6:45 so that we could make it to the surprise party by 7 upon which our sweet lil babe proceeded to really give her lungs a run for their money.  Said friend shooed us out the door assuring me that my little angel would stop crying as soon as we left.  At 9 we got the call that she indeed had not stopped crying since 6:45.  She's persistent, I'll give her that.  I've been having anxiety all week because I go back to school come Wednesday.  I've been so caught up in my own emotions about leaving her that it's never occurred to me that she might have her own separation anxiety issues.  She's usually the most happy go lucky gal and I just assumed that would carry over into our day care routine.  Wow.  I'm thinking I was slightly off base and, now, my anxiety has been totally surmounted by a full blown panic.  WTH am I to do?!?

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