Thursday, August 19, 2010

I remember the Summer of Like. It was hot. And gross

When I heard Miller beer's radio ad for the "The summer of like", I laughed out loud.  If you've heard it before, maybe you recall its line.  Well, today was hot.  And gross.  And it's kinda put me in a funk so I'm thinking happy thoughts before I put myself to bed...listening to happy songs...reading happy blogs and remembering pretty images that I have floating around in my head.  Here are a few happy images from my local scene.  I hope you can enjoy them if you've been put in a funky mood, too. 

I snapped these on a walk right outside my front door.  Pretty lucky to have had the view.  It was love but, I had to move, you know. I'm only a few minutes away, now, so maybe I can load up Georgie and the baby and go for a morning stroll tomorrow. Lord knows I need a recharge.  I'll post more pics if so AND I promise to add some recipes this week because I'm hosting bunco this Friday and I've got cupcakes to make, among other things,  for my two besties who celebrated birthdays this week so I'll definitely have more to post.  Ta ta

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