Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There's a tear in my beer

With a heat index of 115 degrees my poor plants are just barely hanging on.  I'm sad to say that my lavender plant is fried : ( 

so I think I'll go over to my sweet neighbor's garden and dig up that "pesky" rosemary that's come up where she least expected (or wanted) and see how it fairs being transplanted into one of my pots.  I love gardening but, I have to admit that I wasn't blessed with a green thumb.  With so many factors (grasshoppers, heat, rain or lack there of) that are out of our control, I wonder how people who depend solely on farming survive.  It's a tough life, I guess, and I respect those who put forth the effort so cheers to farmers.  May their crops be blessed!

sweet little toad that crossed my path this morning

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