Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Rare...The Elusive...

                       HUSBAND IN THE KITCHEN!!!
     I think I frightened him.  See the expression of fear in his eyes. 

     Folks, I've tried for years to capture a husband in the kitchen. Alas, my efforts have paid off. It was not an easy feat, I assure you. I had to wake in the early hours of All Hallows Eve, for this is the only time when this mysterious creature shows his true abilities. On any regular day you may find a husband caught in this act...

Or maybe he looks something like this:

Ah, but it is a true sight to see one doing something like this~

                                          Creepy, I know.  But, look what they're capable of!
Crepes, voila!
Don't let them fool you.  They can do a great many wonderful things.  I bet there's just a wealth of recipes floating around in that stubborn head of theirs.  You better catch 'em quick, though.  They'll run out of the kitchen lickity split if they think you're on to 'em and they'll revert to their former couch hoggin', web surfin' selves in no time.  The trick is to coddle them and reward their efforts so that you may soon catch them in the kitchen once again.  Happy Hunting on this Halloween.  I hope you, too, can find such a magical, mystical, wonder on All Hallows Eve : )

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