Friday, October 29, 2010

Tres Pumpkins

Our version of Jack the Pumpkin King...pic's a little blurred.  I'll try to work that out : )
Batty Jack O Lantern
Happy Jack
We had a lot of fun carving these guys out.  The Pumpkin King was carved on a white pumpkin.  Sissy wanted to carve the word 'Boo' but we couldn't find a stencil we liked until after the fact.  The bat was carved into your 'ol standard carving pumpkin.  The jack o' lantern face was carved into a warty variety, not sure what it's called, but let me warn you that was one tough gourd to gouge.  My hand is seriously aching; though, well worth the effort.  How do you like to carve your pumpkins?


GardenofDaisies said...

Pumpkins are so hard to carve. Every year I say I am going to get those fun little wooden ears and eyes stuck on a nail that poke into the pumpkin and turn it into a cat. (they have them at all the craft fairs)

A Kitchen Witch said...

Garden, I've thought the same thing. If all pumpkins were as tough as that warty one, I'd surely be buying cat ears! : ) I've never carved such a tough pumpkin: )