Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finals & Anniversaries

Whew~  That's all I can say about today which happened to be my final "final", the math one (yuck), and our 3 yr. anniversary (yea).  We didn't make big plans because big plans are hard to come by when you've got a tiny tot, but this day has been a blessing just the same.  Tonight, I'm making Chicken Spaghetti because, well, it's simple and good which is what I need after racking my brain on mathematics.  The hubs brought home some cheery flowers and a sweet, little cake and I brought the Veuve Cliequot.
, but the greatest gift of all is the family we share...

Isn't it funny how the cat and the 'tween have the same sassy expression?!

Well, that's our family in a nut-shell.  Yup, the greatest gift.  Well, that and the French Champagne : )
and the cake!  Oooh, and I almost forgot- we share our anniversary with the debut of Gone With the Wind in Atlanta...just learned that little tid bit today.  How cool is that?!

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Anonymous said...

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- Daniel