Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tinkering with the Past

Have you ever been curious about those folks without whom you would not exist?  Lately, I've been crawling through the world wide web in search of names and places.  I don't know why the sudden interest, but I'm interested just the same.  I like discovering those names.  Who were those people?  What was their story?  My mom has done a good deal of genealogical work in her past so I've had some names to grasp hold of in my search.  I even tinkered with some of the names during this last pregnancy since I love all things vintagy.  We've decided we like Alexander for a boy since it's a name that has been repeated a few times through the generations, but there are so many fun ones.  The name Elizabeth was a name that popped up multiple times.  I liked how the women named their daughters after themselves.  You don't see that happen very often.  I also liked how many of the children bore their mothers maiden name as their middle name.  It's interesting how trends in names come and go. 

It seems that my genealogical traces bee line right to Alexandria, LA from both sides.  My daddy's paternal side comes from Opelousas and my mother's paternal from Alexandria.  Maybe that's why I have such an affinity for all things Louisiana.  They always say "home is where the heart is" so maybe I'm just trying to make my way back home ; )

Until I do, I'll dedicate this blog to Cora, Angelique, Lousue, Eugenia, Thomas, Edith, Elizabeth, and all the rest of the crazy mixed up gumbo family that's made me who I am today.

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Drick said...

'gumbo family', I like that and think it says a lot of about your heritage... thanks for stopping by - hope at least one recipe makes it to your table... HNY