Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Here I Am

... at 10:15 p.m. picking at cookie dough whilst waiting for batches upon batches of chocolate chip cookies to bake off.  Today has been a horrible day.  Not horrible in that any particular horrible thing happened, in fact nothing really bad did happen, but today definitely was the kind of day that called for a chocolate chip ending.  Have you ever had one of those kind of days? 

As the Bayer commercials used to say, I've got a headache AND IT'S THIS BIG!"  But hope is not lost, for today happens to be Woman's Day in a certain part of the world.  The hubs even brought flowers home : )Yes, I'm feeling better just knowing that such a day exists.  I think the U.S. should adopt Woman's Day and make it as big a marketable holiday as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.  Sure, why not?!  Women deserve it.  On a similar note, after reading thru some blogs, I discovered one that said March was Woman's History Month.  Whaaa?  Woman's History Month?  How have I never heard of this? ~Don't answer, I know that I live under a rock~

Sooo in honor of women today and for all the memorable women throughout the years, thanks for all that you do: dinners, diapers, homework, groceries, cleaning, making sure the bills get paid on time and that the accounts don't bounce, for voting rights, for teaching children, for volunteering, for car-pooling, for helping make lemonade stands, for laundry, for creating businesses, for creating books, for saving lives, for creating lives, for knitting, for sewing, and for making chocolate chip cookies.


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Marguerite said...

Great post and very well said! Happy (belated) Women's Day! Cheers!