Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Gardening We Will Go

This past weekend, the whole family got in gear to do a little yard clean up and gardening.  The weather has been so pleasant we couldn't waste another day indoors so we mulched and mowed and pruned and planted.  Mrs BC had recently blogged about her gardening successes and I told her how we were just starting ours so y'all will have to stay tuned to see if I'll have bragging rights as the season progresses. 

Gardening has not been my forte.  Let's just say I'm better at sauting than growing, for sure.  Last season, I had this to share about my gardening endeavors.  Oh, and let's not forget this post

Well, I'll let bygones be bygones. Mmmkay?

This year, I'm hopeful that I'll have better luck.  We've planted five tomato plants of various varieties.  We've got Big Boy Tomatoes, Yellow Pear, Patio, and Beef Steak (I think).  Too, we planted Strawberry plants, Dill Weed, Italian Parsley, Cilantro, and Basil.  I'm hoping to buy another Bell Pepper plant despite the mini peppers that I got last year and possibly cabbage.  I'd like to add a bag of manure, also, as my mom says this does well for her.  Of course, she lives on a ranch and so gets hers right from the source and since her cows are of the organic grass-fed variety, I'm thinking no harm some fowl (odor, that is).  She'd laugh thinking that I'm paying for crap, literally, but I'd do just about anything to get this garden to produce.  I've already Miracle-Gro'd every living thing in the yard.  Fingers crossed and here we go...

Rows of Tomatoes

Getting up close and personal with the herbs.

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Mrs BC said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for linking to my blog! You are such a sweety & you totally made my day :)
PS - go for twice as much well rotted manure as you think you need, tomatos love it.