Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's Talk about the Weather

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Things have been so dry across the South that I couldn't help but think of the Dust Bowl when I heard of Arizona's most recent dust storm.  I know that dust storms happen from time to time, but being in the midst of such a drought and seeing such images reinforce my concerns.  The water tanks set for the cattle on my mom's ranch are nearly all dried up and she's scrambling to figure out how she's going to remedy the cows' drinking situation while worrying about a fire cropping up (fires have been especially bad this year) at any time.

It's a serious issue here in Texas as I'm sure it is for some other Southern States.  

The U. S. has seen a crazy year for weather what with droughts, flooding, and tornadoes happening all at the same time.  Let's just hope that we get to breeze through Hurricane season without a hitch aside from some much needed rain.  I few bands of tropical rains couldn't hurt.  I'm just praying that He doesn't over do it ; )

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Anonymous said...

Interesting photo; your concern about the drying up water must bother other ranch owners too! Alas, the rains in Phoenix area... elusive!