Friday, July 22, 2011

Today's the Day

Today marks the (sorta) one year anniversary of me blogging and the announcement of my giveaway recipient.  It's been a fun past year and I've enjoyed sharing, reading your comments, and reading your posts.  You're support has helped me to stay aboard the blogger train and I hope that we have many more miles to go.

To get to the fun part, here I am cutting up little squares w/followers' names on them,

and here's a video of mon petit fille selecting a name...

The winner is Olga of Olga's Home & Garden Blog.  (Olga, I will contact you about shipping details.)

It's amazing how time passes.  Lately, I've been looking back over past posts.  Seeing where this past year has gone is interesting.  Here are my top five favorite posts, in no particular order, from this past year:
  1. Caught in action
  2. Recipe for Sleep
  3. A cat's mishap
  4. Misadventures of a tween in the kitchen
  5. Our termites are foreign
I hope you enjoy strolling through memory lane.  Have an awesome weekend!

The Kitchen Witch

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