Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trying Things Out on Tuesday-Cupa Cupa Cake

I was supposed to be studying.  Instead I was reading blog posts.  One in particular tickled my fancy, a recipe for Cuppa Cuppa Cake.  It was just too easy to resist so here it is...
Of course, the stress from studying demanded that little something extra to cool my mood so Cake `a la mode it was.  A special shout out to Ree Drummond @ The Pioneer Woman who inspired me to bake this sinfully sweet dish.

This recipe only took seconds to put together, only calls for 3 ingredients, and was mentioned by Truvy in Steal Magnolias (I love that movie).  What more do you need in a recipe?  I think I might cut back on the sugar, a little, the next time I make it because it is awfully sweet.
Bebe trying to find a comfortable place to nap, yesterday.

On a separate note, Bebe is doing much better today.  Her fever finally broke (and hopefully won't come creeping back up) after reaching 104 degrees last night.  Yikes.  I hate when babies are sick; I just feel so helpless.  Well, she's back to her smiling self this morning.

Have a wonderful day,

The Kitchen Witch


Anonymous said...

so glad the little ones fever broke,, my grand daughter is 22 months old,, we have only had her sick with fever one time.I don't see the link for you mums art so I'm searching your posts,, thanks for visiting,, tell her to start a blog,, I was nervous at first but she will have so much fun,, really.

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

So glad your little girl is feeling better. I just looked at the Pioneer Woman cake recipe. Wow, how easy is that. Did you think it was too sweet for icecream like she did?

Anonymous said...

That cake looks so good and so easy and so glad your daughter is better. She is just adorable. Thanks for coming by my place, too.