Friday, August 5, 2011

On Food and Blogging

What gets you when it comes to cooking?  Do you monitor what you eat...think much of it?  
Girl On A Diet
Are you a stress eater? 
burger binge series -  diet Royalty Free Stock Photo
 Or does food relieve your woes? 
 Is cooking a chore?
Do you relish in the task?

Does it evoke memories, bringing people back to life once you've prepared one of their cherished recipes?
Grandma's Kitchen

Maybe it satisfies your creative itch...
Creative Vegetable Salad With Eggs

Fellow blogger and author, Michael Lee West, got me thinking about these things today, asking, "do we cook for ourselves or for others and why?"

I think about these questions often.  For me, I cook for myself and for family, my friends.  I cook when I'm hungry. Heck, I cook when they're hungry.  I cook when I'm craving that certain something.  I cook to conjure memories- When I follow Grandma's recipes, for instance, she comes back to me and I remember her presence through the aromas filling the room, and in every bite, I am comforted by her.  In no other circumstance can I break the barriers between life and death, transcending time.  Cooking does that for me.  Sometimes I love it.  Sometimes it's a chore.  At times, I fail, and others, I score.

Here's a favorite quote regarding food (blogging applicable)

"Pay more attention to what goes out of your mouth than in."

What say you of cooking?

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Anonymous said...

I love your quote! I also love cooking so I guess I cook for myself and the pure enjoyment of it. Enjoyed my visit and checking out the site, too. Have a great weekend.