Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Comes but Once a Year

Shhh.  Mommy bought herself and early Christmas present this year.  Unwrapping all that bubble wrap had me more excited than the dad with the leg lamp in "A Christmas Story."

 I bid on a 45 piece set of Oneida Silver Plate Dinnerware on the Goodwill Website.  The set was only $48 and after learning about the pattern I upped the bid by $1.50, AND I WON.

From what I've seen on the web, the pattern is Mary Stuart circa 1927 (the year my late Grandma was born so it holds a special sentiment).

As I unwrapped it all, I realize that there are actually 5 serving spoons (instead of 4) and 16 teaspoons (instead of 12) so my 45-piece set grew substantially.  The more the Merrier...Christmas!  All seems to be in good shape, too.

On, this pattern goes for $8-$12 for some pieces and up to $34 for a sauce ladle which my set includes.  I'd say I got a bargain at $1.09 a piece.  Yea for my score of the year!

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