Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sick Days: Cooking, Baking, and Other Nonsense

Bebe's been sick; this is the sixth day.  A trip to the doctor proved to shed no light on this mysterious 6 day stretch of fever and occasional vomiting.  I'm mentally exhausted, worried, and we are both a little stir crazy.  Being house-bound this many days should give me ample time to bake, cook, and blog about it, but I just haven't had it in me.  My apologies.

We have made delicious dinners, though, and I even made my favorite chocolate icebox pie. Click on that link to make this easy chocolate dessert.

I tried Marguerite's, of Cajun Delights, crab cakes from this blog post, and I made this spicy avocado sauce to top them.  I baked them as Andrea of Recipes for Divine Living suggested.  The cakes were placed on a bed of salad and that was Father's Day supper.

I ought to mention that I attempted to drizzle the avocado sauce as Andrea did in her image below.  See? Pretty isn't it?
photo credit

This attempt, because I didn't puree the sauce and because I snipped the end off of a Ziploc baggy to pipe it, resulted in a clump of avocado blocking the opening, building up pressure, thusly exploding across my arm, counter top, and cabinets.

I should have snapped a pic of that.

It would have put a smile on your face.  I know it put a smile on my face.  Despite the pity party I'd been having for myself, I laughed out loud.  Hubby got a good laugh, too!  I declared that it served me right for trying to be a fancy-pants, piping avocado sauce to impress my fellow bloggers.

Well, the taste was good anyway.

Stay tuned, I've been working on this when Bebe's been resting...

I hope the end result of my first refurbishing project is how it appears in my mind. : )

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Stephen said...

I sure hope the little one feels better very soon...sorry. Kills my soul when children are sick.