Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our First Family Vacation

We recently took our first family trip with our youngest.  We were reluctant to put a toddler on a plane, not wanting to be "those parents" whose kiddo had melt downs on the plane or at the airport.  Flying is stressful enough as it is, I get it. Flight delays, cancelations, crowds, and those that just plain have a fear of flying all add to a tension riddled environment.  Thankfully, both girls behaved wonderfully.  Teeny Tiny was so excited to fly that I think everyone sitting near her was tickled to hear her expressions of joy as we took off and landed.  We had an I-Pad for entertainment when she got bored.  Big Sissy napped mostly which was good because we had three packed days of sight-seeing beautiful San Diego, California.
Our first stop was the San Diego Zoo. 
 There were just too many great shots of animals to share.  We had a blast.
Next stop was Sea World in San Diego.  I was reluctant to go seeing as how we have one two hours away from where we live, but I'm glad we did.  It was a great visit and I think the girls' favorite part of the trip.
Here, Teeny Tiny is in Daddy's lap and just a tad distracted by the whale that slid up behind her.
We were in awe of all the sea life...
and Seasame Street friends,
even though we got a little bashful when it came time to make introductions. ;)
Old Town was a neat area to visit and everywhere we looked were beautiful plants
We visited the infamously haunted Whaley House, too.  I'll share pictures of that house tour in another post.  It was a gripping experience. (hint, hint)
Until then, I hope you're having a great week and finding ways to enjoy your loved ones.


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