Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Was Born a Ramblin' Man


Well, woman.  Folks, I am a ramblin' fool, apparently, when it comes to interviews.  Today was my third interview, not with the same school mind you, and I feel like a goon.  I ramble.  A lot.  My inner voice is saying, "Get to the point, already!" 

It's nerves, I guess, but I wish I could get this under wraps because I know it's hampering me.  The trouble is, I have great responses in mind, they just fly out the window instead of my mouth when it comes time to answer.

 Gahhhhhhh!  I really want this job.  Send a hope and a prayer to this fool.


The Kitchen Witch

1 comment:

Stephen said...

You'll get it Sweet Lady. Class tells.

Now...have you a nice fish in red sauce recipe? I thinking with egg noddles....