Saturday, November 28, 2015

Beginning Again

Today is Saturday. Thanksgiving is a wrap and Black Friday has passed. We didn't jump into that madness and our youngest is of the opinion that Black Friday would be better if it were called "pink Friday." Sure, why not?! We spent the day moving our belongings into a storage unit.

We are officially homeless, though our realtor has found a temporary roof to put over our heads. We will be renting one of her listings until we find something or it sells, whichever comes first.  We are just grateful for a roof over our heads. 

And so we begin, again. 

It's daunting to think about starting the house hunt over. I'm putting my faith in my knowledge that the good Lord is looking over us and is guiding us on the right path. Though his path is not clear to us, right now, and our hearts are broken about losing a house we had our hearts set on, we will follow him. 

Let the journey begin. Say a little prayer for us, if you like. We could use it.

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