Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Life, Today, AMAs, and Other Things

Tomorrow isThanksgiving, a day we'll give much to be thankful for.  Today, I'm thankful, too, but I've got a few complaints.

I'm sitting in a sea of boxes.  Our house sold this past Friday (thank you, Lord) and our buyers have been kind to let us lease back 'til our closing from a deal that may now fall through because of a seller that is reneging on repairs he'd agreed to in contract, but doesn't want to do anymore. Did I really just put my family in a homeless situation right before the holidays? Mind you, this man doesn't even live in the house...has multiple homes, pulled up in a New Porsche Carrera, but can't afford a couple thousand in fixes.
#he'sameanone #mrgrinch

Hashtags, arghhh! I live in world of hashtags. In the midst of all this turmoil, this is a frivolous complaint, but a complaint just the same. And did you see the AMAs? This, people, is how I know I've aged. I didn't really see one performance that I enjoyed, although I do love Cold Play and Celine did bring tears to the crowd. So many artists I didn't even know and I'm okay with that.  Where's the talent? Where is the soul? I miss the magic. My sixteen year old says  I'm just old.


It's a different world. Bigger problems exist than mine, I know. My heart breaks for all that are victims of terrorism, cancer, greed, abuse.  The climate of the world is different, for sure, this holiday season. I'm so blessed to have a job where I'm refreshed by the pure goodness of little six year old minds.

And no matter where we end up laying our heads at night, I've got a beautiful family to call my own. My little sleepy headed warrior just awoke, five year old hair all tumbled, long pink night gown and my little pony stuffy in hand, to give me sleepy hugs.

I must go and power up with snuggles to face the day.

Happy thanksgiving.

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