Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gift Giving

     Here is a picture of my completed recipe book.  I created this on the Tastebook website and plan on giving a copy to my Grandma and Mom for Christmas.  You can pick your own cover from a variety of options.  I thought this one was great because it looked just like all of the recipes in my recipe box.  Really.  See...
This recipe box is a prized possession.  It belonged to my Grandma and holds many wonderful memories for me.  Some of the papers, inside, are crumbling.  I've had the thought, to transfer the recipes before the papers they're written on completely fall apart, in mind for years.  Finally, I decided to get it done.  I really liked the Tastebook site because it was so easy to use (I promise I'm not getting paid for the plug) and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a similar project.  My book is for personal use only; in it, I wrote a dedication to my daughters in hopes that they learn and enjoy cooking as much as I have.

I think a personalized recipe book would make a wonderful gift.  Do you have any gift giving suggestions?

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